Training Young People on Augmented Reality Authoring Showcasing Intangible Cultural Assets as Use Cases

The Project

AR4Youth aims at training young people in conceiving, designing and implementing an Augmented Reality project for digitizing and augmenting books, guides or manuals. 

The Partners

To achieve our ambitious goals, we assembled a consortium of six partners from five different European countries and backgrounds.

The Outcomes

The main outcomes to be achieved by the AR4Youth project are to: 
  • Provide increased awareness on the concepts of Augmented Reality and Design Thinking Methodology;
  • Enhance the advanced digital skills of young people and NEETs in particular allowing them to (re)enter the labour market or develop an entrepreneurial mindset; 
  • Promote the preservation of cultural heritage which can be achieved through innovative technologies;
  • Appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.

Cultural Library

Our very own designs of classic fairy tales and myths , the augmented fairy tales and myths created by our Youth Consultants and all project's results.

Banner & Brochure

Our banner and brochure are used at events in order to promote our project to target audiences and the general public.


A visually appealing way to present and promote our results.


Our newsletters provide a consolidated way of finding out about the project's progress and its upcoming activities.


Our video highlights the objectives of the project and provides an information on the AR4Youth Facilitator.